Swap Specialties and Performance Terms and Conditions

Limit of Liability

   Swap Specialties and Performance Inc is and shall not be liable or held accountable for damages that result from the use, the misuse, or inability to use any product or service we sell or offer. The performance and operation of the products do not hold us to any accountability even if Swap Specialties and Performance was made aware of the possibility of damage.


The content of anything Swap Specialties and Performance Inc publishes, writes, or notes including this entire site including but not limited to pictures, text, images, videos, or code is protected by copyright laws of the United States and is property of Swap Specialties and Performance Inc. Copyright 2017, Swap Specialties and Performance Inc ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Granted permissions include photo sharing and copying for order placing practices only, as long as material is used for non-commercial or sale used only, unless granted written permission is authorized by Swap beforehand. Any other use pertaining but not limited to the reproduction, display, reproducing of any content of this site is prohibited.


All trademarks and names of trade of Swap Specialties and Performance Inc used by Swap and on this website are register trademarks of Swap Specialties and Performance Inc.

Use of Website

This site is intended as a marketing and selling point for products and services of Swap Specialties and Performance. It is not intended for including by not limited to loitering, harassment of any kind, impersonating, or selling of any product. This sites chat, email, or forums will not tolerate any abusive language, profane or demoralizing, fraudulent, misleading, or otherwise any content not represented by Swap. Swap Specialties and Performance reserves the right to delete or remove for any reason any part of this site or attachment to this site.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Any product or service offered or sold by Swap Specialties and Performance is sold “As-Is” unless otherwise specified by written warranty disclaimer. Any specified warranty is meant as product replacement only, no monetary value, implied time, or collateral damages will be covered. No engines or transmissions will be warrantied as they are for aftermarket off-road applications only. Product must be returned in its original condition before warranty product is provided. One (1) product warranty per customer is allowed on warrantied products. Swap Specialties and Performance does not make any warranties in regard to the correct use of its products, accuracy, reliability, or adequacy. Swap Specialties and Performance Inc also does not warrant any functions of this site that may contain errors, interruption, or defect and that they may not be corrected and contain viruses or other harmful components. Certain States do not permit or regulate warranties, check your local laws to see if they apply to you or not. By doing business and purchasing products from Swap Specialties and Performance you agree to these terms and conditions.

Sale Return Policy

All sales are final and there are no exceptions. Unused merchandise may be returned to Swap Specialties within 7 business days for store credit only, no refunds.

Any item that is not normally stocked would be considered a special order or custom product. Any special-order product must require a 50% deposit that is non-refundable and cannot be canceled.  It may take up to 10 weeks to receive a special ordered or custom product once order is placed. You must receive a return authorization from Swap before returning a product, or send an email to Info@swapspecialties.com prior to return.

Swap Specialties and Performance Inc is not responsible for any damage due to shipping on any returns.



Swap Specialties and Performance Inc may deliver or forward notice via mean of email, mail, or general notice on this site providing you have provided Swap Specialties and Performance with a reliable address.

Term; Termination

These terms and conditions are applicable to you upon accessing this site, purchasing a product or service of Swap Specialties and Performance Inc, or contacting us. These terms and conditions, or any part of them, may be terminated by Swap Specialties and Performance Inc without any notice and at any time, for any reason. Any provisions relating to Copyright, Trademark, Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, and Miscellaneous, shall survive any alteration or termination.